Eco Luxury Shower Head Review

Published: 08th April 2011
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A water saving shower head is your first and easiest step in cutting your water and energy bills. Saving money and water, Australia’s most precious natural resource, is high on everyone’s list these days. Low flow fixtures use 30% to 45% less water than a normal one and can be fitted to almost every shower.

How can you test the flow rate of your existing fixture? Simply turn your shower on full with both hot and cold water running, direct the flow into a standard 9 litre bucket and let it run for exactly two minutes. If the bucket overflows before the two minutes are up then the head is not a water saving device. If this describes your shower, you are not only using too much water but also spending too much money to heat it. Obviously it is time for a replacement.

Choosing a low flow shower head is your first step. But there are some things to consider as they are not all created equal. Some combine air with water which provides an efficient shower but they are not very satisfying. There is one, though, that delivers a luxurious showering experience by forcing the water through the pipes. This is the Eco Luxury Shower Head. The benefit of this method is the water stays hotter between the fixture and you.

The standard flow for a conventional shower head is 22 litres of water per minute. The average water saving device uses 9 litres per minute. The Eco Luxury Water Saving Shower Head uses only 5.4 litres per minute. That’s less than half a bucket!

So, we’ve found that Eco Luxury can reduce your water and energy use by more than half without sacrificing the "feel" of the shower. A recent study showed that by installing one, the average household can save over $100 on their yearly energy and water bills and households with electric storage tanks will save over $200 per year.

The sleek Eco Luxury fixture reduces water use without sacrificing the quality of the shower. You will save about 14,500 litres per home, per year. Plus, it can also save energy. If you're using gas to heat your water, you could save almost half of your heating costs just by using one of these shower heads.

Eco Luxury is a high end/high quality product that saves resources and adds real value to your home. It works efficiently with all water pressures giving you a satisfying shower. It comes with a 60day money back guarantee and it’s quick and easy to fit so in less than 3 minutes you’ll be saving water and saving electricity. It is a DIY dream!

A low flow shower head is an absolute must. It will definitely cut your bills and the Eco Luxury Shower is the best water saving device available today. Check it out at:

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